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Making The Next Shot




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Last week we posted the question "Shooters Should____" on our Twitter page @ffshooters. We had several followers come up with some great answers and it sparked great conversation.  We kept going back to one answer "Shooters should always believe the next shot is going in" that was given to us by David Kelley who is an assistant coach at William Byrd High School at William Byrd HS in Virginia. So Congrats Coach, we will be sending you one of our popular long-sleeved shirts. 


It's easy to think every shot is going to go in when you are hitting shot after shot.  The hoop looks like the ocean and you are shooting a golf ball into it. But when nothing is going in it starts to feel like you are shooting a beach ball into a hoop.  Every shooter will go through this at one time or another in their career.  Having the mindset that you are going to make the next shot will lesson the chances of going into a shooting slump.  So how do you get to the point where you think the next shot is going in?  


We have came up with five ways to help players make the NEXT shot and fives ways to help coaches help players make the NEXT shot.



1.  Every shot is not going to go in! Getting mad after a miss uses the same energy that you have at the beginning of the game when you are nervous. Stay positive.  Good shooters erase a miss as soon as it happens.

2.  When shots aren't going in look to get to the rim. Sometimes it just takes a layup or free throw to get back in that grove.

3.  What shots are you getting in the game?  Check film out and make sure you are shooting those shots when you practice.

4.  Mechanics, its hard to correct yourself when the game is going on.  Again, watch film on yourself shooting, what needs adjusted?  What are you doing well?  

5.  Keep shooting.  Your coach will have you sitting next to them if he/she doesn't want you shooting.  (coaches read below)

6. Lets add another one.  PPE-Past Positive Experience go back to that place.



1.  Your players aren't going to make every shot.  Relax! Players want the shot to go in more than you.  "You have to make that shot" is not something that is productive.

2.  Make sure you are shooting in practice.  We talked about this in our post My Players Can Not Shoot. Want kids to make the NEXT shot make sure you are getting shots in practice.  Game like shots over rolling out the balls to shoot. 

3.  Correct bad mechanics.  See something that is causing players from becoming shooters fix it. This comes way before the game.

4.  Incorporate game like shooting into your practice.  

5.  Let players shoot.  


Try these suggestions and and let us know if you or your players stay out of a shooting slump by making the NEXT shot.


Thanks for reading and keep on SHOOTING!


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