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Correct Things Using The Good Stuff




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Recently I was asked by a parent of a high school player to look at some clips of his daughter shooting.  After watching multiple clips we saw some good things and some things that I thought we could help her with.  But the one thing I noticed was that I kept going back to the things she was doing well on her makes.  The player was doing a lot the things we believe in at FF.  She had a nice hop into her shot, she had a text book dip, her guide hand stayed high and when she was finished her shooting hip, shoulder and index finger were all pointing at the rim. Now when she missed it was usually the same one or two reasons why.  This isn't uncommon considering when a player makes a shot they are doing most of the same things correct. 


When do I correct something?  Simple question it would seem but it's not that simple.  Most players are resistant to change or help because they have become comfortable with the way they shoot.  This holds true even when they struggle to make shots.  But helping the player right away will benefit them and in the long run it will help the team. In regards to youth players there is always something to fix.  I use the word "fix" cautiously because at the youth level we should be striving to help them daily on the fundamentals of shooting rather than fixing things.  But even at the high school, college and professional levels most players will need some work with their shot. 


What do I fix?  Trying to fix multiple things will only frustrate the player and the coach.  Find something that you think will benefit the player the quickest,  If they are missing shots right or left work on finishing with index finger at the rim and getting shooting shoulder and hip to the rim.  This is when knowing what they did when making shots becomes helpful.  "When you made it, here is what you did".  We have found that players are able to correct things quicker using Past Positive Results(PPR).  When a player hears "Don't do that" that is all they hear so they try not to repeat a miss instead of duplicating a past make.  Try to use PPR to take them back to positive results.  


If you have any clips of your players shooting that you would like use to look at please email us.


Thanks for reading and keep on SHOOTING!






















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