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My Players Can Not Shoot


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"My players can not shoot." This is a common thing I hear from coaches after a loss. "We just don't have shooters." I have said it, you have said it, we all have said it.  Today we will talk about three things that you can do as a coach to help develop better shooters.  You might be surprised that only one has to do with actual mechanics.


1. "We do not have time to shoot in practice."  This is something that is just not true.  What are you spending your two hours on?  50% of the time during a game you will be on offense and barring a turnover you will get to shoot the ball.  So why are you only spending 10% of your time in practice on shooting?  Shorten your time working on BLOB's, set plays and anything else that you will only do a few times a game. 


2.  What is your purpose when you shoot at practice?  Is it just to say "we" shot today?  Are you that coach?   Shooting drills should be based on shooting shots that you get out of your offense.  If you are a team that runs 15 set plays (recommend against this) you better practice shots for this.  Like to score in transition? Then practice shots in transition.  Shoot shots that you will get in a game.  We are not saying that shooting shots at five spots with one rebounder doesn't have a place because it does. These kind of drills are needed and are great for muscle memory and confidence.  But they should not be the main course for your shooting. 


3.  Letting players shoot with bad mechanics. Would you consistently let a player keep forgetting to ball screen within your offense?  Of course you wouldn't. So why would you let a player keep struggling with their mechanics? We here at FF believe there are certain mechanics that will help shooters but whatever your beliefs are you need to make sure you are helping your shooters.  Saying "If you can't shoot then you can't shoot" is simply not true.  All players can get better and you will need them all to make shots at some point during the season.


Ok, lets add one more thing.  Simplify your offense.  Many offenses are so structured that you will only get certain shots during the game and only certain players will take these shots.  How much more effective would you be if your shots were coming from different players from different spots?  I can all ready hear some of you saying, "I don't want certain kids shooting."  Thinking that way limits your opportunities to score and will alienate other players.


Get involved with your shooters and you will see more positive results. You only have a short time at practice so use it wisely. 


If you have anything we can help you with please let us know by clicking here.


Thanks for reading and keep on SHOOTING!


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