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You Were Not Born A Shooter

April 11, 2017

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Some people wake up and they are faster than someone else. Others may naturally throw a baseball harder than their buddy. This may always be the case for them or they may have to put in work to be the fastest person or throw the hardest.


I am convinced however that when we come out of our mother’s womb we are all equal when it comes to shooting. No one has an advantage due to weighing seven plus pounds at birth or being born over 23 inches long. We are all equal shooters. Does this change at age 3? 10? 13? 15? It changes when we get fundamentally right with shooting. The younger the better.



Here are three basic steps for hand placement when shooting:


How do I hold the ball? Sounds simple, right? We have gotten ahead of ourselves at many of our camps only to realize some players do not have the correct hand placement.


1. Start with placing the index finger of the shooting hand on the air hole of the basketball or below the air hole but lined up with the air hole. This will put your index in the middle of the ball. (We will talk about the importance of the index in our next blog, but trust me it's vital.)


2. Keep your fingers spread out on the ball. Bringing them too close together causes tension. The index finger is in the middle of the ball (air hole) and the other three fingers should be spread to a comfortable spot. Get space between them but keep them loose. Don't feel like your skin is stretching.


3. What about my thumb? The thumb can only hurt you. The ball must touch the thumb but it should be used as something to lean on. Just like putting a book on a bookcase. The ball should just sit there. Again, the thumb can do nothing but hurt you.


Start with these basic fundamentals and get going.




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